Issa Rae Is the Next Celebrity Voice Coming to Google Assistant Google Assistant users will be able to change the voice to Issa Rae for a limited time. The Insecure star is the most recent celebrity to lead her voice to Google’s help app.  Some of the questions Issa will respond to are commands such as: “Give me a quote from Issa Rae.” “Sing a song.” “Tell me a joke.” Or ask, “Mirror talk” or “How do I look?” for confidence-boosting affirmations. You can also ask whether Issa loves Daniel or Lawrence more or ask for an awkward message from Rae that is taken straight from the award-winning HBO series.  Other celebrity voices available on Google Assistant include John Legend and competitor Amazon just rolled out a clean and explicit version of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to replace Alexa.  Which celebrity voice would you want to use with Google Assistant or Alexa?

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