It Was A Terrifying Experience!’ – La La Anthony on Her Emergency Heart Surgery

You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors! La La Anthony revealed to SELF Magazine that back in June, she had to have emergency heart surgery due to an irregular heartbeat she was dealing with for years!

La La told SELF magazine that she had been dealing with heart problems for the last two years, but she would brush it off. Well her heart problems caught up with her this earlier this year. La La says she was at her home for a family Memorial Day Barbecue when she almost fainted because her heart was beating so fast. She says all of her family, including her 14 year old son Kiyan, convinced her to call the ambulance because she did not “look like herself.” La La was reluctant to go to the hospital but after an EMT worker told her it was best, she decided to go.

Once she arrived at the hospital, the doctors told her they had to perform heart surgery on her ASAP before her conditions worsen. The procedure lasted two hours and she spent a total of 4 days in the hospital. Lala says it was one of the most scary experiences of her life.

“There were a lot of scary moments,” La La says. “They would wake me up during the procedure and say, ‘We’re going to speed your heart up now…. Just take deep breaths.’” Reflecting on it now, “Those doctors were just so incredible,” Anthony says. “But it was a terrifying experience.”

La La had since recovered from the surgery and is now taking her health way more seriously.

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