J.J. Fad Happy After “Supersonic” Was Used For “Sonic The Hedgehog” Trailer Commercials and movie trailers have always used songs from back in the day to excite us about the product. The new trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie uses the J.J. Fad throwback smash Supersonic. The group didn’t know the song would be used for sure until the trailer was released. MC JB said, “We are so excited. They just contacted us in August out of the blue and asked for clearance. They said they weren’t sure if they were going to use it or not. So today, when I got all these calls and texts, I was like, “Well I guess they used it!” What song played in a commercial or movie trailer helped you rediscover the track?

Watching this video totally took me back to my childhood. My older sister Leah and her friend Tika was gone off this song. They use to rap it and come up with dance routines to it all of the time! I always wondered why they never released a follow up track?

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