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Promoting her new memoir; “Worthy,” The “Set It Off” actress has been on a bit of a media tour. In a new interview with Rolling Out, Jada says she couldn’t have gotten together with Tupac Shakur due to of a lack of chemistry even though she frequently has been quoted saying he was her soulmate. That’s just the ‘normal’ comments to be honest, The traveling through different lifetimes is hands down my favorite part. 

On the All The Smoke podcast, Jada would also speak on their relationship… (what a surprise!) saying that ‘Pac asked her to marry him for unwavering support, as he was in bad shape. This came during his bid at Rikers Island in 95 for the sexual abuse of a fan, undoubtedly one of the more mentally taxing times in the rappers life. This lead Smith to assume that there would be a divorce as soon as Shakur was released.

“Seeing him, his condition, having to leave him. He was in bad shape,” Smith remembered of ‘Pac’s time at Rikers Island. “I knew at that time that he needed somebody to do time with him, which I was going to do anyway. He didn’t have to marry me to do that,” she added. Discussing Shakur’s prison time for the audiobook was “painful” to hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, said Smith.

Jada said she knew ‘Pac would divorce her after he left jail. Would they’ve been together today if he were still alive?

Does she talk about this man too much?

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