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Jameela Jamil: Women of Color Should Get Free Therapy

Jamil wants women of color to be given free therapy for mental health issues. The actress believes the best way to tackle mental health is to talk freely about our struggles, but thinks things are much harder for marginalized people who could benefit better from therapy. I wish all women of color around the world were given free therapy. I genuinely think it’s the thing that we most need, most deserve, because the world is harder for us to move through. It’s definitely something that would help us navigate a world that unfairly discriminates against us, and then gaslights us about our own experience. Jameela has learned to manage her negative thoughts by learning to accept who she is. I am who I am at least. If you like me or don’t like me, it’s the real me. So that makes me feel closer to myself. I’m just being completely authentic. I think that’s a freedom that all women deserve.

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