Jason Derulo Accused of Sexual Harassment in New Lawsuit

Aspiring recording artist Emaza Gibson has filed a lawsuit against the R&B star, social media sensation, and The Voice cast member Derulo claiming that her career was stunted due to rejecting Derulo’s inappropriate advances despite having a signed contract with Future History, and Atlantic Records.

The contract is said to have required a single featuring Derulo, a mixtape in four months and an album in six. Gibson claims that while working on music for the label Derulo would frequently ask her out for dinner & drinks, sometimes even going as far as inviting her to drink during the recording sessions.

In an interview with NBC, Gibson said that she typically rejected these invitations in hopes that they would keep the relationship professional and on the rare occasion she did she was given “inappropriately large amounts of alcohol,” as stated in the lawsuit. She also claims that on a trip to meet label execs, another woman’s music was showcased due to their intimate relationship… taking this as a signal to her.

When she raised her concern with Derulo “lost control and began aggressively hitting his armrests, screaming, ‘What does she have to do with you? We weren’t going to tell you anything! We don’t have to tell you anything!’” After this, he’d go “radio silent”, failing to even bother to give Gibson a project manager, and ignoring her messages. This wouldn’t be the last incident of aggression though…

You can read more about the details of the suit and the history between these two here.

How do you feel about the abuse of power in the music industry?

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