Jealous Assistant Accused of Leaking Mariah Carey’s Medical Records to the Press

Mariah Carey’s former assistant, Lianna Azarian is accused of leaking Carey’s medical records and personal records to the Daily Mail.

Carey’s lawyer filed documents on Monday regarding the Daily Mail articles claiming Carey spent $10,000 on butt injections and $273,000 on a two-day designer bender on Christmas Eve in Colorado in 2016, both transactions that Azarian says was charged on her American Express card.

Carey wants $5 million in damages for Azarian breaching her confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, the singer says in the complaint that the assistant was “Unsatisfied with her extraordinary compensation, access, and lifestyle, Azarian sought to grow her wealth by robbing Carey of her privacy.”

What happened when your friend told your secret?

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