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According to original member Johnny Gill, R. Kelly was invited to join R&B supergroup LSG before it was formed in the mid-’90s.

In an interview with VladTV, the 57-year-old singer was questioned about the group’s name and its connection to the last names of the three founding members: Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill.

“Originally, it was supposed to be Keith, Gerald, and R. Kelly,” he revealed. “And some kind of way, Rob pulled out of it from what I was told, and I know Gerald talked to me, and he was like, ‘Man, Keith wants to do a group thing.’”

Sounds like a bullet dodged to me… while SLK has a lot of potential as a name, I doubt the fellas would want their music subject to garnishment due to Robert’s legal troubles, with Kelly’s royalties being reallocated to collect money owed to his victims.

Do you think things would have been different for R. Kelly had he been in a group?

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