Kanye West May Be Giving All-Round Gospel Album Titled “Jesus Is King” Tracklist Revealed Kanye is getting back to his roots with a new album that takes roots in Gospel music. Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted a video of a yellow notepad along with another notebook with what appears to be a tracklist for the new album, a bible, a flashlight and a jar with lemons in it.  For several months Kanye has held his “Sunday Service” at various locations and debuted the song “Water” during the Coachella edition.   According to the video clips Kardashian posted the forthcoming album is set to be entitled, “Jesus Is King” and will be released on September 27th.  The tracklisting noted in the video include, “Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “Garden,” “Selah,” “God Is,” “Hands On,” “Wake The Dead,” “Sierra Canyon,” “Through The Valley,” “Sunday,” “Water,” and “Sweet Jesus.” One of Kanye’s first singles was “Jesus Walks,” do you think “Jesus Is King” will be just as good as his first big hit? If Kanye was to take his “Sunday Service” on tour, would you attend?