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extremely disappointed 😕

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Now, the Billboard Charts or any other ratings systems are within their rights to establish their own ratings scale or structure in which they operate. All artist have No say in criteria the Billboard decides to go by. So when a artists does chart, or slips off the charts, that particular artist isn’t being wronged. But when your music has already passes the criteria. It’s doing well, both digitally and on the radio. Then the Billboard goes back on their original judgment of your music and decides it is not suitable or Country Enough, something is wrong…. Not only is that irregular, but it sounds spiteful or personal against the artist for some reason. If the song is not country enough now, why was it country enough originally when it was categorized/cataloged by Billboard or whoever makes that call?  What changed??? Let me know if you feel that the Billboards decision doesn’t seem fair to you? Click here to learn more about the situation!

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