Lonely Man Loses Nearly $400K In A Dating Scam. Don’t Let This Be You!!!

Lonely Man Loses Nearly $400K in Dating Scam A 67-year old Australian man lost $377,000 after he joined a “dating agency” where scammers convinced him to hand over wads of cash for the wedding and legal fees of a woman the scammers said wanted to marry him. The man met with the scammers several times to pay for anything from maintenance for the potential bride to legal fees accrued from the “fiance” fighting with a government that wanted to take her dead husband’s land and property. The FBI says that dating scams are on the rise. U.S. victims lost $220 million in 2016 alone! The FTC advises those seeking online love be wary of sharing sensitive info to someone and NEVER send money to someone who requests it. Have you ever been scammed while looking for love?



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