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Last week the Grammy winning, “Songbird Supreme”, Mariah Carey teased the 30th anniversary of her album, Music Box.

“Wind it up! It’s the anniversary of MUSIC BOX! A whopping whole 30 minutes since the album was first released 😉 I’ll never forget creating this record, fully immersing myself in the music that would change my life and connect me with YOU, the lambily, in a way that bonded us forever ❤️🦋🐑 I hope you enjoy celebrating this milestone with me! #MusicBox30″

Carey shared the track list yesterday then announced an unreleased track today titled “Workin’ Hard,” produced by C+C, along with a remix.

The new track is also on Mariah’s YouTube channel and has racked up over 12,000 plays since it was uploaded.

What do you think of Mariah’s new song? A bop or a flop?

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