MC Lyte’s Old Lyrics About “Liking Little Boys,” Sparks Double Standard Debate!?

Hip-hop’s double standards are being questioned, with MC Lyte’s “2 Young 4 What” lyrics being called predatory.  The current “Culture Report” edition, released Wednesday (December 27), discussed the topic. In 1991, Lyte was 21 when she released “2 Young 4 What,” to which Ray Daniels recalled the lyrics.  “It may sound nasty, and it may sound mean, But I’m into little boys that are about seventeen/ I don’t know why, but they put up a fight/ And hot damn that excites the MC Lyte.” Daniels compared Lyte’s 30-plus-year-old lyrics to Russell Simmons’ sexual assault charges years later. Daniels called for the same outrage for MC Lyte that was received over Bill Cosby. Should MC Lyte be held accountable for the predatory lyrics she wrote over 30 years ago?

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