Recently, Method Man shared his opinion of Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of Tupac and how he wasn’t a fan of Mackie’s performance. Meth said, “Anthony Mackie, brilliant f**king actor. I love him and he deserves all the accolades that he gets. Except for that 2Pac role. I ain’t like that s**t. You shouldn’t have took that one, bro. Your agent, I hope you got rid of that n**ga.” He continued, “For somebody to really embody 2Pac, nothing against my boy [Demetrius] Shipp, the brother didn’t really have a lot to work with. I heard they didn’t get a blessing from 2Pac’s mom as well. He had a lot of obstacles in his way so we cannot blame him for that performance.” He added, “You have to really embody, not just the rap part or the thug part, but his whole mentality, his aura. Everything about him was just different from anything we’d seen before.”

What do you think of Method Man’s opinion?