Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Rips Netflix Over Chappelle Special Wade Robson, who has accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him as a child in the HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland, is now calling out Netflix for allowing Dave Chappelle to defend Michael Jackson in his new comedy special.  Robson says that Chappelle’s jokes regarding allegations of sexual abuse, “shames victims,” and is “disgusting, irresponsible and inexcusable.” In Chappelle’s new comedy special, “Sticks & Stones,” the comedian says he “doesn’t believe these motherfu***ers,” referring to Robson and James Safechuck. The accusers feel Netflix is condoning Chappelle’s views and celebrities sexually assaulting children.  John Branca of the Michael Jackson estate has stated that “Wade’s accusations emerged only after his book failed and we turned him down for a job with our Las Vegas show 9 years ago. He couldn’t get a job until HBO and Dan Reed hired him.” Do you believe that Robson did the documentary for money? What did you think of Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special?

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