‘Stand With Michael Vick’ Petition Started After Backlash Over His Honorary Pro Bowl Captain Title The debate over Michael Vick’s honorary 2020 Pro Bowl Caption title continues as a “Stand with Michael Vick” petition was created by Roger Duncan who says that “the animal lovers that protest him, are disgusted as racists.” Those defending Vick say he’s “done the time for the crime” and should be able to live his life, pointing out the double standard when it comes to minorities.   “There are many white athletes that have done a lot worse, Ben Roethlisberger, is one that comes to mind that these same petitioners still stand and cheer for,” wrote Duncan. “He is a man that was accused of sexual assault not once but twice and he has never been vilified the way that Vick has been and continues to be, Enough is enough!”  Currently, there are two online petitions protesting the selection of Vick as Pro Bowl caption that has garnered over 800,000 signatures. Duncan’s petition currently has 17,000 signatures and counting.  After doing time for a crime should society continue to hold the person accountable for the crime they committed? Should Michael Vick be able to serve as Pro Bowl captain?

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