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Mindfulness is the new sexy

There’s no question that when you think of the persona of the average New Yorker, one of the first characteristics that come to mind is aggressive. Who could blame them when you envision the concrete jungles and crime-ridden streets that most were raised in. One of my favorite people, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan is from Staten Island and a true witness to the intense energy in the streets of New York. RZA is all about pushing the power of meditation for healing the mind and entering into mindfulness. For decades, he has been promoting self-healing via meditation and has recently teamed up with the app Calm to produce meditative experiences. He’s got LeBron James on board to voice a sleep story called King of The Sleeping City, which is designed to aid the collective in being more connected to the idea of mindfulness.

Check out the full details in this article via Rolling Stone:

~Tia Marie

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