Mo’Nique Says Until Oprah Publicly Apologizes, She Will Have A Problem With Her “‘Til The Day That I Leave This Earth” The REAL reason why Mo’Nique is mad at Oprah started when Oprah called Monique to tell her that her brother wanted to be on the show to discuss him molesting Mo’Nique as a child.  Mo’Nique didn’t block her brother but prior to the show airing, Mo’Nique says she saw commercials that promoted her whole family being on the show, including her mother who she wasn’t talking to.  Mo’Nique says Oprah knew she was going to have her mother on the show and if she would’ve told her she would’ve told Oprah, “‘I don’t need the world seeing how greedy my mother is. Shut that down.’ Oprah called Mo’Nique after the show but she was so star-struck about it being “Oprah” that she didn’t reveal her anger, however, she did address it during Alfre Woodard’s annual Oscars Sistahs Soiree in 2015.  Mo’Nique asked Oprah in front of a room full of women, “You know you and I need to have this conversation. Why would you have my mother on your show?’” Oprah apologized saying, “If you think I did something wrong, I want to apologize,” the apology fell on deaf ears, “An apology is not something you think you think you need to give if somebody else thinks you need to give it, it’s what you feel,” said Mo’Nique.  Who was in the wrong, Mo’Nique or Oprah?

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