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More Americans on Both the Right and Left Want a Gun

More Americans on Both the Right and Left, Want a Gun. FBI data reveals that gun sales have spiked to near-record numbers since the beginning of the pandemic. In Michigan, September gun sales were up almost 200 percent from the same month in 2019. Gun buyers in recent years say they made the purchase due to a destabilized political climate. Some gun buyers say that nationwide protests led by groups from both the right and the left have been a strong motivator for their purchase. Past gun sale spikes have been driven by worries about the passage of stricter gun legislation. Concerns about the 2020 presidential election are also motivating purchases of guns. Maybe I’m just looking at the news too much, but there are hints of civil war depending on who wins. , Ashley Johnson, via ‘The New York Times’. Everybody is arming themselves against their neighbor. This feeds the separatism of the country, Toni Jackson, via ‘The New York Times’

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