Mother of Two Lost Her Hands and Feet After Getting an Illegal Butt Injection 47-year-old Apryl Brown has dedicated her life to warning women about the dangers of getting black market enhancing procedures after having to have her feet and hands amputated due to illegal butt injections.  After being teased about her “flat butt” for years, Brown decided to get butt injections a cheaper price from someone who used a type of silicone mainly found in bathroom sealant. Brown at first thought everything was fine, however, months after the injection Brown’s buttocks began to itch, get hard and become very painful. The itchiness was so intense that Brown scratched the skin off her.  In order to save Brown’s life, her hands and feet had to be amputated, she now warns others about the dangers of getting cheap injections, “Don’t ever do anything without researching it and definitely don’t ever do anything on the black market,” said Brown.  Have you suffered an adverse reaction due to implants or injections? Tell your story.

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