Not on my watch! Katt Williams pauses show when show-goer passes out

Whew chile! Saturday night’s World War 3 tour was, by far, one of the funniest comedy shows that I have attended in quite some time. I laughed until I hurt. When Katt Williams got on the stage, the laughs came even more frequently. All of a sudden, there was a request to stop the show and Katt responded immediately… pausing the show. Someone in the audience was having a medical emergency and while it wasn’t clear as to what was going on, Katt continued to oblige by holding up the show for almost 10 minutes.

Katt mentioned that he didn’t want to move forward and referenced the recent Astroworld festival in which 8 people were killed just last week. The attendee was able to be successfully helped by paramedics who brought a stretcher to the floor of the stadium and wheeled the person out. The attendee’s condition is not clear right now.

Gotta respect Katt’s decision. Better safe than sorry always!

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