I believe J Lo was choose by show producers to keep the production of the show from coming off too BLACK…. Or should I say Urban. If this was your first Grammy Awards ever viewed, you wouldn’t know there’s a history of limited black representation associated with the Grammy Awards. I don’t always watch the Grammy’s, but I believe this was the Blackest one I’ve ever seen!

I believe the tone was set with Michelle Obama, gracing the stage during the opening along side, Lady Gaga, Jada Pickett Smith, host Alicia Keys and J Lo. Cardi B brought the house down with her epic performance and by winner Best Album. Childish Gambino made history by having the first rap song to win Record of the Year. So as a Black Man watching, I felt well represented. But then came J Lo…

I’m not saying she did bad, even though she was obviously lip syncing, I just think she was very out of place from the jump. She was honoring Motown on Diana Ross’s seventy fifth birthday.Motown is a  institution that launched the careers of some of the greatest vocalist in American history. They’re a institution that championed soulful voices, something that J Lo can’t fake her way through. I believe they could have used this opportunity to showcase the current ambassadors of Soul. Such as artist like, Ledisi, Jasmine Sullivan, or Jill Scott for a example. In my opinion she was placed there just to keep the energy, and image of the Grammy’s from being too BLACK.

The Grammy’s have proved in times past, they have no problem with there production coming off Non Urban or Mainstream as they say. But you better believe the powers that be, where mindful of their mainstream audience didn’t feel taking over. How do you feel about J Lo’s performance. Do you think she was placed their purposely to keep the Grammy’s from turning into the Soul Train Awards???

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