Octavia Spencer Excited About Walk Of Fame Honor

Octavia Spencer recently shared how she feels about receiving her Walk of Fame Honor.

Spencer said, “How do you respond to that? To know that you will forever be a part of the mythology of this town. It was a rare moment where I just couldn’t think of anything to say.”
She added, “It’s a place where you can actually see that bygone era of stars who are no longer with it. And you can actually reach out and touch their star. It can make it feel attainable to people. It’s just a rare and huge honor.”

Spencer continued, “Once I find out, people might see someone who resembles me out there with a broom and mop from time to time. Especially after a rainy day or someone spills something, you might just see someone come out and do a little dusting.”

Which celebrity do you think doesn’t deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that has one?