People are saying the Netflix Original Movie “Bird Box” is really a Metaphor. Do you agree? If so, what is your take on the movie?

In a article written on by Jess Joho, she suggest the Bird Box eludes to the villainization of people with mental illness in Hollywood is far from new. But Bird Box seems to wear this stigmatization and its sensationalization of suicide like a badge of gritty honor.

I read a comment on Facebook yesterday saying the movie is  a metaphor for how White People can’t handle the concept of Racism.So they blind them selves to the issues at all cost.  I also seen a comment saying it’s a metaphor for what happens when you let what’s going on in the Media consume you. It will make you want to commit suicide. Which is Deep!!!

Chrissy Teigen freaks after Bird Box gives ‘worst dreams of my life. Rapper MGK who plays the role of Felix in the films says, “When I first read the script I remember thinking “Birdbox” was a metaphor for what’s going on in the world, and it really is” MGK tweeted. “Don’t take off ur ‘blindfold’ and become like all the ugliness around us. It’ll kill u. Stay focused on your own sh*t.”

Ellen DeGeneres is America’s most admired LGBT+ person

I say yes….. And is Ellen ain’t it. Then my second vote is Queen Latifah! So who’s your nominee for The Most Admired LGBT Person in America?

‘Sesame Street’ character Grover accused of cursing, divides Internet

Yeah Man….. Grover cold dropped the F Bomb!

Wendy’s is giving away free Frostys every day in 2019 — here’s how to score the deal

  • Frostys fans rejoice! Wendy’s will be giving away a free Frosty every day of the year in 2019.

  • To score a free chocolate or vanilla Frosty Jr dessert, Wendy’s is selling a key tag that will allow the owner to a free Frosty every day.

  • The key tag will only set you back $2 and is being sold at Wendy’s until January 31, 2019.

  • Do you think this is a good deal? Which flavor Frosty is your favorite? Have you ever dipped your fries in your Frosty?



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