This is awful as we’ve gotten some Beauty Shop Talk about R. Kelly!

The disgraced singer blamed his relationship with his three children on his problems with his ex-wife “Dre” Kelly as well as his sexual behaviors too.

According to a media source who obtained the psychiatric evaluation report submitted to the courts by Kelly’s lawyer.

The report stated that a doctor sat down with the Kellz for multiple sessions where they discussed a wide range of topics, like his relationship with his ex-wife Andrea “Dre” and the three children they share.

Kelly believed the estrangement was due to his conflict with Dre and her refusal to just be a “housewife” and admitted later in the session that his “problematic sexual behaviors” had caused him significant social consequences. According to the report, he said those included an inability to sustain a romantic relationship, an inability to maintain a platonic relationship, and his estrangement from his children.

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