Robert “R.” Kelly still owes his victims more than $500,000 in reparations, but due to his earlier hits, they will soon get a sizable payment.
A court reportedly issued an order garnishing the troubled singer’s income after learning Universal Music Group is retaining a significant portion of his royalties. Prosecutors demanded Sony Music Entertainment and UMG answer questions about Kelly’s ongoing music royalties.

Kelly’s outstanding restitution amount is listed in the order as $506,950.26, but UMG just so happens to have $567,444.19 of his earnings on hand, which is more than enough to pay the bill. How convenient is that? That figure doesn’t even include the future royalties Kelly is anticipated to earn.

Despite the fact that Kelly hasn’t had as much success with songs lately for obvious reasons,  his back catalog is reportedly still raking in a fair amount of money. A label source told Radar Online, “the amount of future payments is unknown because it will depend on the extent to which Kelly’s musical compositions are purchased, downloaded, synchronized or otherwise exploited during future royalty accounting periods.”

Does this mean we stepping in the name of love again? I don’t know sounds morally justified to me considering this development…

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