Rick Ross Wants People to ‘Leave Cardi B Alone’ Following ‘Drugging’ Controversy Rick Ross took to social media telling the trolls to leave Cardi B alone about her drugging men. The “biggest boss” says that he lost a seven-figure Reebok deal because of his lyric on the “U.O.E.N.O” remix where he talks about putting Molly in women’s drinks and having sex with them. Ross explains that “it’s part of the culture” that he and Cardi came from and that he had personally experienced in the Miami club scene. Ross admits that he should’ve never promoted that in his music. He also urged fans to move forward and celebrate Cardi’s current achievements and said, “As long as you change your ways and we all know Cardi B focused on the money now and she is a leader.” Do you agree with Ross, should things you’ve done in the past be held against you in the present? Is admitting your wrongs more damaging than never talking about them?

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