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Over thirty years into their musical careers, Cheryl “Salt” James’ and Sandra “Pepa” Denton’s friendship is still going strong and the duo are somehow closer than ever. In an interview with Us Weekly, Salt-N-Pepa decided to share what keeps their decades-long friendship strong even in the midst of their long legendary career.

 “Space.” Salt said, “We’re with each other more than we are with our own families and it’s important to give each other some space.”
She continued, “Sometimes we sleep in the bed together and sometimes Pepa sleeps on the couch.”
Pepa added, “[We were] really fighting for our music to be, you know, visual and seen, as well. And then to go on to win a Grammy a few years later, taking such a big chance as women in a male-dominated field, and to also go on to win — nominated and win — it felt good.”

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What do YOU think is the key to maintaining a strong and long friendship for more than a decade?

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