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Should We Be Able To Conceal Carry A Fire Arm Without A Permit??? Bill 150 Is Real Close To Being Passed In Kentuciana….

The bill states that people age 21 or older who are able to lawfully possess a firearm may carry concealed firearms or other concealed deadly weapons without a license in the same locations as people with valid state-issued licenses. When it came time to vote on the bill, 12 lawmakers on the committee voted for it, eight said no and three did not vote.

If the House approves it with no changes, it would go to Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, who could sign it into law, veto the bill or allow it to become law without his signature. Bevin’s communications office did not respond to a question about his views on the bill. Click Here to read more!

Getting your Concealed Carry Permit comes with a small matter of training. I believe its the over all lack of training that concerns most people who know about guns. That’s my biggest problem with the Bill as well. Do I think Gun Violence will increase? Maybe… It definitely could. Do I believe it will if the Bill becomes law?? I doubt it.  And here’s why….  The gun violence that upsets the public the most, like school shootings for example, happens so randomly it’s nearly impossible to prevent. The street violence that often gets referred to during gun law debates are usually not affected by gun laws except when it comes down to the sentencing of the criminal. Criminals  usually don’t acquire guns legally or intend to follow gun carry laws in the first place. So fire arm restricting laws only affect the law binding citizens, that usually don’t use their guns in vein…. This has been my experience and research observation. So I’m good with the Conceal Carry Law either way…

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