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Smile, Sis! 5 Ways The Smile Challenge Can Help You Meet A Mate

Here are five easy ways to make friends, expand your circle, and meet an amazing new friend just by sharing a smile.

1.During your downtime : Single women can sometimes feel as if they’re only “out there” , not only when you get dressed to go out and intentionally be on the prowl.  So going forward, smile in your down time, in between errands, shopping at the store, waiting at the airport, or even in the gym.

2. At work : Don’t be so super focused.  Smile, say hello to someone you don’t know and maybe even strike up a conversation.

3. Out to eat: Start with a smile whether you only have time to wait in line or at the bar for pickup, or whether you’re an overachiever and decide to grab a seat.  Guess what, that person likes what you like and it’s a great conversation starter!

4. When you see an amazing man :So dig deep and smile!

5. Girls Night Out : Don’t just sit there looking fabulous and stay with your crew. You need to break away and scope out the scene…”UM, excuse me diva’s I’ll be right back, I’m on a mission” Look around. Smile, make eye contact, and say hello.

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