Snoop Dogg & Master P Claim To Be Taken For A Loop In Walmart Lawsuit!?
  • Snoop and Master P are taking Walmart to court after they claim that the store chain sabotaged their cereal deal.
  • According to a new lawsuit, Snoop and Master P say Walmart and Post Foods intentionally hid their product, causing slow sales after striking a deal with their food brand to carry the cereal in stores. Broadus Foods, represented by attorney Benjamin Crump, believes that Post should have put the cereal next to their top sellers.
  • The brand was launched in July last year, but the lawsuit claims customers complained they couldn’t find the cereal on store shelves.
  • The Walmart online store claimed the Snoop Cereal was sold out, but store employees shared footage of the product being stowed away in stockrooms and uncoded to sell.
  • Snoop and Master P are suing for damages they claim fall under the “deceptive trade practices.”
  • Were you able to grab a box of Snoop cereal? What’s your favorite celebrity product that you’d suggest to someone else?

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