It may seem shocking upon first reading but it’s correct, the Super Bowl Halftime Show just doesn’t pay… directly.
The actual check for the gig may be nonexistent, but one thing you can’t deny is numbers. They don’t pay the performer because they stand to gain uhhhhh approximately 24 to 30 million dollars in those 15 mins of exposure! Talk about time well spent!


JLo and Shakira’s co-headlined Super Bowl halftime show performance served as a spicy reminder of all the hits the two stunning artists have managed to rack up over the years: Lopez, with songs like “Jenny From The Block” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” while Shakira’s catalog includes “She Wolf” and “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Duh, post-game, the first thing on fans minds was to hear was more of the vibes we had all caught as a unit, and since then, they’ve really been buying Shakira and Jenny’s music. In fact, Billboard reports that sales for both artists’ music shot up by almost a thousand percent.

Combined, all of Lopez and Shakira’s songs, not just the ones included in the halftime show, experienced an 893-percent sales increase from February 1 to 2, shooting up from about 2,000 downloads to around 21,000. Individually, Shakira’s song sales rose 957 percent, selling 13,000 downloads, up from a bit over 1,000. Meanwhile, Lopez’s songs rose from a bit under 1,000 to about 8,000 downloads, good for an 800-percent increase.


It comes as no surprise that both artist’s biggest selling songs on the second of February, also happened to be songs that were included in the halftime show. Shakira’s top three biggest sellers were “Whenever, Wherever”, “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” . For JLo, her top three sellers were “On the Floor”, “Let’s Get Loud” and “Waiting for Tonight”. Each of the songs sold a negligible amount the day before the big game.

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