So Twitter Is Coming For Chris Rock For Not Safe Guarding The N-Word Back In A Bit In 2011….

Chris Rock is now being Criticized for Allowing White Comics to Say N-Word In 2011

  • The criticisms from the conversation followed with comments from the likes of Jemele Hill, Marc Lamont Hill, and thousands of fans on Twitter.

  • Was Chris wrong for allowing the conversation to take place? Who’s more at fault in the conversation, Rock or Louis C.K.?

Chris Brown Faces Charges Over Exotic Monkeys

Click here to see actual pic of Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty with the Capuchin Monkey in December 2017

  • According to legal documents, Chris is being charged with two counts of having a restricted species without a permit, and each crime has a maximum sentence of six months jail time.

  • The drama started for Breezy when he bought his daughter a capuchin monkey and when video surfaced he caught backlash from fans who said the monkey could be dangerous for his child.

  • Chris didn’t have a permit for the exotic pet and is scheduled to be in court on February 6.

  • Do you think Chris will do jail time for having the monkey? Should Chris be sent to jail for this latest bit of monkey business?

The Popular Gift in Cali Is Cannabis

  • If you live in California, chances are there was cannabis under your Christmas tree this holiday season. The newly legal drug was the most popular gift in the state.

  • Cannabis dispensaries saw high sales numbers over the holiday for the legal drug and reported that they had five times more customers during the holidays.

  • “From the moment we were open at nine o’clock we had a line,” said one dispensary owner. “We’ve been knocking the lines out quickly but they’ve been steady.”

  • Dispensary owners believe the reason for the boom was to reduce holiday stress.

  • Do you believe marijuana should be legal?

This Holiday Season Bird Box might be the hottest thing on Netflix



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