Officer Jacob Pederson:

The internet is convinced that Officer Jacob Pederson of the Saint Paul Police Department is the mysterious man seen in a viral video wearing all black with an umbrella and a pink gas mask breaking out windows at a Minneapolis Auto Zone on Wednesday  just before the fire broke out and the riots started.

Pederson is being accused of inciting the chaos that erupted in the city, as the Auto Zone was the first building to burn.

Footage of the scene shows a protester confronting the man, who then becomes hostile and quickly attempts to flee the scene while being asked if he’s a cop.

On Thursday, Twitter user @GypsyEyedBeauty tweeted a series of screenshots allegedly from Pederson’s ex-wife, and the caption read, “Here are screenshots from his ex wife confirming this is him, along with his photo.”

In the messages, the alleged ex-wife says, “I’m 90% sure. Voice walk everything.” The other person named “Megan” agrees then asks, “Do you recognize any of the gear?” The ex-wife responds, “The gas Mask.”

She also noted that Pederson’s partner was working the fires in the city. She goes on to write, “That’s my gas mask. THE GLOVES TOO. HOLY SH*T IM SHAKING.”

Officer Jacob Pederson
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