Starbucks Could Launch Cannabis Drinks

Some of the craziest concoctions to come from Starbucks sound like they could have been invented by stoners, so it makes perfect sense that the coffee giant could be the first big chain to get into the cannabis drink market.

While many small independent shops are already infusing their drinks, some cities are cracking down, banning CBD as an additive.

But Andrew Charles, an analyst at Cowan believes the sea will change as regulations go into effect, putting this line into his report on Monday: “We could envision Starbucks ultimately piloting the ingredient.”

Don’t race to Starbucks just yet though. CEO Kevin Johnson told CNBC’s Jim Cramer, “I think that there are a lot of issues that we’d have to think through on that. Right now, that’s not on the roadmap.”

Have you tried cannabis-infused drinks? What has been the benefit?

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