Auckland-based tattoo artist Leroy Roberts, known as @maia_ink_leroy on Instagram, recently gave SZA a beautiful kirituhi tattoo representing her mother’s and father’s lineages. SZA shared a photo on her Instagram story expressing gratitude for the tattoo. She also posted a video holding the Tino Rangatiratanga flag with the caption “Māori to the world.”  Sis has consistently shown her love for New Zealand, stating she would never leave if given the chance. Many are calling for her to be granted citizenship. SZA recently posted on Instagram: “I’ve never had more ppl pray for me and over me than In New Zealand [NZ Flag emoji]. No joke, every day it’s a different person or group. The arena sound broke my in-ears. I couldn’t keep them in it was so loud…I never wanna leave this place.” 

If you were granted citizenship in any country, which one would you choose?