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T-Pain has revealed that he doesn’t make as much money as his fans think he does from “Buy U A Drank,” even though it’s his best-known song.  In an undated radio interview that has since gone viral on TikTok, the rapper-turned-author revealed that his hit track has more proverbial cooks in the kitchen than fans realize, which is why it didn’t make him big money.  “Y’all looked up the publishing on ‘Buy U A Drank’?” he asked the radio host. “Bruh. Like, publishing-wise, I probably make no money. So, all those things that I said in “Buy U A Drank” that was from other songs — when “Buy U A Drank” blew up, all them other people from all them other songs said they was owed sh-t from my song because I said their name.’”  T-Pain may not make as much money as he would like from the “Buy U A Drank” publishing, but it’s still a song that’s a cultural touchstone.

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