Tamar Braxton And Jeremy “JR” Robinson Are Engaged…Again!?

With only two months having passed since the conclusion of their first engagement, Tamar Braxton announced that she was engaged to Jeremy “JR” Robinson for the second time. On the morning of Christmas, she made the announcement through her posts on Instagram. Braxton said, “3 months ago we thought we HATED each other and we were completely OVER…. Here we are after a simple football game box you got for your birthday and one REAL HARD conversation … we knew that whatever happened in the past was just that and ANYTHING other than US and our family only mattered.” She continued, “So the truth is WE DONT CARE if anyone disagrees with it … we choose to love each other OUTLOUD and PROUD because we found something worth fighting for and forgiving each other for EVERYDAY in front and behind the scenes.”

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