Thanksgiving Hacks To Save You Time In The Kitchen This Holiday

If you are looking to save time in the kitchen this holiday season, we have found some hacks that may just do the trick.

One hack KJ in the Midday uses inside KJ’s Kitchen is, making semi homemade dressing!  Stove top mixed with a little pepperidge farms (in the blue bag) along with a piece of day old cornbread PLUS a little chicken broth and some white wine!  Talk about DELICIOUS!  It’s a nice way to kick up your dressing (OR stuffing) for your next gathering!

Below are some other hacks we found that could be huge time savers!

Thanksgiving Food Hacks to Save Time:
* Use a Slow Cooker for your mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or even your turkey.
* Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner a Potluck and take your family and friends up on any offers to prepare a side dish or dessert.
* Tape Recipes on the Cabinets in Plain Sight so you won’t spill gravy all over them laying out on the counter.
* Use Your Microwave to warm up your rolls or mashed potatoes!
* Cook Your Turkey While You Sleep and put it in the slow cooker.
* Skip the Potato Peeler by boiling your potatoes whole and then shocking them in cold water, the skins peel right off.
* Make Your Vegetable Side Dishes a Day (or More) Ahead.
* Lay Out Your Kitchen Tools in Advance.

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