The “Lion King” Reviews Arrive Online

Disney’s live-action “Lion King” film hits theaters next week, but now since the premiere was last night the early reactions to the film have hit social media and from the responses, you may want to go ahead and get your tickets.

The film which features Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen, and many others is said to look realistic though made digitally.

One person on Twitter said the film was “visually and audibly astounding and it does a great job of honoring the original.”

Another person at the premiere tweeted “they never heard so much clapping during a movie” and “it felt like a concert” and ended the tweet with “this movie is going to make so much money.”

The live-action “Lion King” is in theaters July 18.

Do you already have your tickets? Who is your favorite character from the film and why?

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