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The people have spoken…..”Shut up Will and Jada!”

After revealing more than anyone ever asked for about their lives over the past several weeks, someone started a petition to stop interviewing Will and Jada Smith

The petition, as of this moment, has gathered 1,788 signatures with a goal of getting up to 2,500. Hilarious, because the original goal was 1,500 but it just keeps growing. The comments on the page are the best part of this whole thing. Seem we all feel the same about the Smith’s oversharing.

I’m just gonna sat this right here in case, you know, you want to add yourself to this –>


Some of the couples recent revelations have been:

Will recently revealed that at one time in his life he was sleeping with so many women that it made him physically ill.

Jada revealed her thoughts on threesomes and admitted that “there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Tupac.”

Will revealed that he once contemplated literally murdering his own father.

Jada admitted, in front of her mom and daughter, she used to be addicted to smut.

Will admitted that he used to have a list of famous women he dreamed of having in a “harem” more than “anything in the world.”

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