These Are The Worst Easter Candies For Your Teeth, According To Dentists We’re days away from Easter and according to dentists, there is certain candy that is better for your teeth than others. Various Easter candies were rated best, not bad and worst and chocolate lovers can rejoice! Hollow chocolate bunnies, peanut butter, and creme-filled eggs are in the best category and will damage your teeth the least. In the “not bad” category are jelly beans and sugar-coated marshmallows and as for the worst category, hard candy, as well as taffy and caramel because they get stuck in your teeth. But the worst of the worst is sour gummies because they’re acidic and sticky and can break down teeth enamel. If you do overload on candy this Easter be sure to eat it after a meal and rinse or brush your teeth afterward. What is your favorite Easter candy? Click Here to learn more!

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