This Day in History: Rodney King Beating Is Videotaped. March 3, 1991. The 25-year-old Black construction worker was beaten by four white LAPD officers. George Holliday videotaped the assault from his nearby apartment. King had been involved in a high-speed chase with police after he attempted to outrun California Highway Patrol. Two tasers were used on King, who was unarmed. He was also struck by officers’ batons 33 times and kicked six times. Two days after the beating, Holliday took the video to KTLA television. It became an instant media sensation, leading to charges against the officers. They were acquitted on April 29, 1992. Within hours of the acquittal, riots broke out in Los Angeles that would last for six days. The riots resulted in 63 deaths, thousands of injuries, fires and over $1 billion in financial losses