Mom Finds ‘Ghost Baby’ Sleeping Next to Son Just in time for Halloween: An Illinois woman spent a night in sheer terror after she checked her son’s baby monitor and saw a “ghost baby” snuggling up to him in his crib. Maritza Cibuls, 32, says after she spotted the apparition, she grabbed a flashlight and crept into her 18-month-old’s room to investigate. “I didn’t see anything unusual in the crib at all,” she says. “I was trying to feel around to see if there was any wetness – we thought there might be some drool on the sheet – but I didn’t feel any.” However, when she returned to the monitor, the spooky baby was back. Cibuls says she didn’t sleep a wink that night, fearful that the spirit would do something awful to her son. Then, when morning came, the groggy mom finally figured out what had caused the ghostly image to appear: Her husband had failed to put the mattress pad in the crib, making the mattress visible through the sheet. On it was a tag that featured product information … and a big picture of a baby. Can you come up with a reason she left her son in the crib with what she thought was a ghost? Have you ever been scared out of your wits by something that turned out to be a false alarm?

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