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Tia Marie’s Magical Messages: To my fellow entrepreneurs ~ keep going

Being an entrepreneur was something that I always knew I’d be. From an early age, I was taught that I needed to know how to hunt for my own food and it was a lesson that I would learn to live by.

As much as I enjoy being a business owner, I can’t help but admit that it is a lot harder than most make it out to be. There are many days where you are relying solely on your faith to send to you what you are deserving of. However, just like the ebb and flow of life, each day is different and hard to predict and that can feel very scary indeed.  The main thing I learned being an entrepreneur after all of these years is that your most valuable asset is your tenacity. Your ability to be consistent and hold on to your dreams, even when things get super tough.

Many years later and I am still holding strong to my entrepreneurial goals. Continuing to learn lessons through the ups and downs, but I am truly grateful for the experiences and wouldn’t have life happen any other way for me. I want to offer some inspiration for you fellow go-getters to keep pushing and be patient with yourself. Remember, you are building your legacy!

Check out this article about the CEO of Canva who went from being a college dropout to becoming a billionaire all while being continually rejected.

And…..if you are needing a little music to inspire you further, check out the video I attached by Jhene Aiko called “W.A.Y.S.” that I know you will love!

Peace and Love!

~Tia Marie

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