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So PETA Is Pissed At Big Boi… But They Offer A Middle Ground Solution

PETA Not Happy With Big Boi PETA not happy with Big Boi after he decided to wear a fur coat during his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show.  As a result of wearing the coat, PETA addressed a letter to Big Boi asking him to retire his furs and switch to faux fur.  PETA has also asked Big Boi to give them the fur coat he wore at halftime and donate it to the homeless.  To show Big Boi that PETA isn’t one to just scold celebrities for wearing furs, they sent him a faux fur to wear instead of a real fur.  What do you think about PETA’s demands they sent to Big Boi? Do you wear fur coats? What do you think of the letter that PETA sent to Big Boi?

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