Trump suggests schools should open for a ‘short period of time’ before academic year ends. President  Trump on Monday asked their governors to “seriously consider” having a change of heart. Making the plea during a conference call with the nation’s governors, Trump pointed out that children have been largely unaffected by the coronavirus. “Some of you might start thinking about school openings,” he said. “Because a lot of people are wanting to have the school openings. It’s not a big subject. Young children have done very well in this disaster that we’ve all gone through, so a lot of people are thinking about the school openings.” The federal government’s reopening plan calls for businesses to reopen during the first phase, but doesn’t recommend reopening schools until the second phase. When asked by a reporter last week what parents are expected to do with their children if they go back to work before schools reopen, Trump replied, “I think the schools are going to be open soon.” Does it sound like the government just realized there’s a problem with reopening workplaces before schools? Would it work better if one person — or even a committee — was appointed to make these decisions for the entire country? Click here to learn more.

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