Ok I was TODAY years old when I found out Tupac’s step father is currently in prison in Kentucky!

Back in the day, he was once on the FBI’s most wanted list! He was involved in a 1981 armored truck robbery that left a guard and two police officers dead.

After he was convicted in 1987 and sentenced to 60 years in prison, Mutulu Shakur, became a model prisoner, but now he is 72 and is dying from bone marrow cancer at a federal medical center near Lexington and, in May, was given about six months to live. According to sources, he weighs about 125 pounds, is often disoriented, bedridden and unable to care for himself.

Now his attorneys, activists and even former prison wardens and staffers have supported an early compassionate release so he can spend his final months with family. What do you think?

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