Hey friends!

You know our city is the dopest, right? Yes we are and always have been!

Back in the 70’s, Louisville was on the list as one of the most attractive filming locations and we scored many gems here, like Abby, a 1974 blaxploitation horror film that was produced here by fellow Louisvillian William Girdler. Gridler would also go on to direct Sheba, Baby starring Pam Grier in 1975 which was also filmed right here in the Derby city.

How awesome is that? Have you seen Abby? It’s basically the Black version of the Exorcist. It’s made $9 Million when it debuted and was widely popular. However, Warner Bros took it out of theaters after only two weeks because they felt it was too much like The Exorcist.

I’ve included the link to the full film here. Check it out for yourself and share with your friends!


~ Tia Marie

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