Travell Hill, 30, admitted killing Andre Montgomery Jr., 21, in March 2016, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Montgomery was the grandson of Ike & Tina Turner backup singer and St. Louis restauranteur Robbie Montgomery. The business and family were featured in the 2011-2018 OWN series Welcome to Sweetie Pies.

In his plea, Hill admitted he was hired to carry out the hit. After the murder, he got $5000. Two of the three other defendants, including the hitman, were also implicated.

Andre Montgomery Jr.’s uncle and Robbie Montgomery’s son, James “Tim” Norman, is accused. Norman hired Hill because “he wanted Montgomery dead,” said Hill. Terica Ellis was also involved, according to Hill. Ellis lured Montgomery outside on Natural Bridge Drive, where Hill shot him.

Norman and Ellis face murder charges, but prosecutors won’t seek the death penalty. Norman also faces wire and mail fraud charges for trying to cash in on a 6-figure sum in life insurance policies that he took out on Montgomery prior to the killing.

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